Personal Curriculum

A parent or legal guardian of a student who has completed grade 9 may request a personal curriculum for the student that modifies certain Michigan Merit Standard requirements. If all of the requirements for a personal curriculum are met, then the Board may award a high school diploma to a student who successfully completes his/her personal curriculum even if it does not meet the requirements of the Michigan Merit Standard. If the request for a personal curriculum is made by the student's parent or legal guardian or, if the student is at least age eighteen (18) or is an emancipated minor, by the student, the school District shall develop a personal curriculum for the student.  Developing a personal curriculum does not guarantee that it will be approved by the district.  The District shall not limit or discourage the number of students with a personal curriculum on any basis other than the best interests of each individual student.  Please contact the guidance counselor for more details should you feel this is an option for you.