Academic Letters

Student academic achievement at Coloma High School has always been stressed and expected.  To recognize those students who consistently achieve high classroom grades, an academic letter is available.  
Upon meeting the following standards, a student will receive a letter "C" of the same size and shape as the awarded to varsity athletic winners:
Requirements: A student must have a 3.80 minimum grade point average cumulative at the end of the 1st Semester of the current year.  the Academic Letter is awarded for classes taken at Coloma High School, LMC, and through our Shared-time Program with other Districts.
A student who is taking college courses must be carrying a combination of high school courses and college courses to equal three (3) units of credit per semester to be considered for an Academic Letter.  A student will not have to turn in a written request to the Coloma High School office to be considered for an Academic Letter.
Academic awards for seniors will be presented at the Spring Senior Awards assembly.