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Through the intelligent use of technology, combined with new approaches to

education, a more personalized style of learning can be realized.

The human touch is the most valuable element in education. Teachers,

administrators, and parents play critical roles in coaching and guiding students

through the learning process, nurturing students' interests and confidence as



When students work together on project teams, they learn to collaborate,

communicate, and resolve conflicts. Cooperative learning and character

development supports the social and emotional development of students and

prepares them for success in the modern workplace.


Long term and student centered, project learning is a rigorous hands-­on approach

to learning core subject matter and basic skills with meaningful activities that

examine complex, real­ world issues. Project learning helps students develop and

retain useful, working knowledge of subjects that are often taught in isolation and



Effective assessment should measure the full range of student ability ­­ social,

emotional, and academic achievement. Through various measures, including

portfolios, presentations, and tests, multiple learning styles are supported.